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Obtaining an Invitation Letter for attending IGARSS 2009

IGARSS 2009 will provide official letters of invitation to persons who have fully registered for the conference and for which payment has been received. Note that per IEEE Policy, only registered, paid persons may receive an invitation letter to the conference.

If you have registered, you may proceed to the Invitation Letter Request form.

Visa Requirements for South Africa

Note: The following information is from the South African Department of Home Affairs website.

Any queries relating to visas are handled by the South African missions or representative office in your country or the nearest one situated to you.

Visas are considered by the South African missions abroad and must be affixed in the applicants' passports before departing to the RSA. Visas are not issued on arrival at South African ports of entry. Applicants arriving without visas will be refused entry into the RSA and placed on return flights in terms of legislation.

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Visa requirements (what to submit)

  1. Passport valid for no less than 30 days after the expiry of the intended visit.
  2. Passports must contain at least 1 (one) unused page for entry/departure endorsements (sometimes referred to as visa page).
    IMPORTANT NOTE FROM IGARSS 2009: We recommend that the passports of all travelers to South Africa contain at least two completely blank (unstamped) visa pages each time entry is sought. These pages are in addition to the endorsement/amendment pages (as many as four) at the back of the passport. While South African statutes require only one completely blank visa page, this rule has been applied inconsistently by South African immigration officials. In addition, any trip to a neighboring country would necessitate another blank page upon return. Travelers lacking adequate blank pages in the passport may be refused entry into South Africa, fined, and returned to their point of origin at the traveler’s expense. South African authorities have denied diplomatic missions access to assist in these cases. As a general precaution, all travelers are advised to carry a photocopy of the photo/bio information page of their passport and keep it in a location separate from the passport.
  3. Payment of the prescribed fee, if applicable (see Countries exempt from visa control).
  4. A vaccination certificate, if required by the Act.
  5. Statement and/or documentation confirming purpose and duration of visit.
  6. Two (2) identity photographs.
  7. Proof of financial means in the form of:
    • bank statements;
    • salary advices;
    • undertaking(s) by the host(s) in the Republic;
    • bursaries;
    • medical cover;
    • or cash available, including credit cards or travellers' cheques
    to cover the living expenses during the sojourn in the Republic.

  8. Applicants traveling by air must be in possession of:
    • a return or onward ticket; or
    • proof of sufficient funds; or
    • lodge a cash deposit of equivalent value to such a ticket.

NOTE: You do not have to submit your application for a visa in person. Please see the answer to Frequently Asked Question 7 for more information.

Where to apply for a South African visa