Invited Sessions

The following invited sessions will be presented at IGARSS 2009.

18 years ESA ERS and ENVISAT Earth Observations

A Quality Assurance Framework for Earth Observation (QA4EO) to Underpin GEOSS with a Particular Emphasis on Climate Change through Optical Based Sensors

Active/Passive Microwave Remote Sensing of Terrestrial Snow

Advanced Methods for Polarimetric Information Extraction

Advanced Methods for Polarimetric Signal Processing

Advances in Data Systems for Future Missions and Earth Science Research

Airborne and Ground Based Radar Measurements in Support of Space Based Instruments

ALOS and other ESA Third Party Missions - Applications for Africa

Bistatic SAR: Instruments, Experiments and Applications

Calibration of Hyperspectral Imaging Spectrometers

Challenges in Integrating Information From New Earth Science Missions for Societal Applications

Collaborative Adaptive Sensing of the Atmosphere

COSMO-SkyMed Mission: Status and Results

Data Fusion

Data Mining and Machine Learning for Remote Sensing

Earth Observation Sensor Web: Technlogies, Solutions, and Perspectives

Forest Resources of Africa

Frequency Allocation for Remote Sensing and RFI mitigation for microwave radiometry

Geodesy in Africa

Global DEM Interoperability: ASTER GDEM: Initial Assessment

GNSS Remote Sensing of Atmosphere, Ocean and Land

GOES-R, Status and Applications from the next Generation U.S. Geostationary Satellite System

Ground Penetrating Radar Algorithms and Applications: Hazard Detection and Subsurface Mapping

High Performance Computing for Hyperspectral Image Analysis

High Performance Geocomputation and Remote Sensing

High Resolution InSAR with Emphasis on Complex Scattering Scenarios

Hyperspectral Remote Sensing in Africa

Imaging Spectroscopy Initiatives in Europe

Innovative Methods SAR Polarimetry and Applications to the Remote Sensing of Wet and Arid Regions

Integrating Socioeconomic and Remote Sensing Data to Understand and Manage Impacts of Climate Change

Ionosphere Effects in Polarimetric and Interferometric SAR Imagery

Lidar-Based Remote Sensing - the Next Wave

Low Frequency SAR Calibration, Processing, Modelling and Applications

Mapping innundated wetlands with spaceborne remote sensing.

Measuring Earth Dynamics Using L-band Interferometry

Monitoring a Changing Continent with ALOS Sensors

Monitoring of Soil Moisture and Vegetation Biomass on a Global Scale by Using Microwave Sensors

NASA's Earth Venture Initiative and the Venture Class Missions

NPOESS Microwave Contributions to Weather Forecasting

NPOESS Preparatory Project: Sensor Complement, Capabilities and Program Plans for Calibration and Validation

Open Source Initiatives for Remote Sensing - Orfeo Toolbox

Opportunities in Global Earth Observation

Performance of Operational Surface Deformation Measurements from Radar Interferometry

Phenology, Inter-annual Change and Modelling

Present and Future of Satellite Altimetry

Quantitative Remote Sensing for Geomorphology and Active Tectonics


Recent Advances in Hyperspectral Unmixing and Information Extraction

Recent Advances in Microwave Radiometer Technology

Remote Sensing and Geospatial Information Technology for Agricultural Decision Support

Remote Sensing Assessment of Vegetation State and Land Degradation

Remote Sensing Education

Remote Sensing for a Better Understanding of Savanna Processes and Dynamics

Remote Sensing for Biodiversity in Africa - From Observations to Informed Actions for Biodiversity Assessments

Remote Sensing of Fire Occurrence and Characteristics in Africa, Operational and Science Applications

Remote Sensing of Land Hydrological Parameters for Application to Floods and Landslides Management

Remote Sensing Tools for Plant Production System Management

SAR Polarimetry: Theory and Applications

Satellite Photo/Radargrammetry with the New Generation of High-resolution Sensors

Satellite Sensor Synergy: Observing the African Large Marine Ecosystems

Sentinel-1, The European Radar Constellation

Ship Detection and Classification: Application of SAR techniques in the framework of High Resolution sensors

Spatiotemporal Data Mining and Pattern Discovery

Synergy of SAR and LIDAR for Characterizing Vegetation 3D Structure and Biomass

TanDEM-X: The Mission Status

Ten Years of MODIS Earth Observations

TerraSAR-X: Scientific Results

The Contribution of Remote Sensing Towards Sustainable Mining Development Practices

The Maturing A-Train Constellation: Integrated Systems Earth Science and Applications

The Operational Sentinels: New Possibilities for Science

The Southern African Regional Science Initiative - SAFARI 2000

The TIGER Initiative: Supporting African Efforts Towards a Water Observation System

The Use of Ocean Colour Data at Regional Scales: Methodological Considerations and Applications

Three-dimensional SAR

Time-series Analyses for Change Detection


Tropospheric Propagation Effects in Radar Mesaurements

Use of Remote Sensing Techniques for Surface Deformation Monitoring and Damage Detection in Volcanic and Seismogenic Areas

Water Monitoring with MERIS and AATSR in Africa

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